Fruit Cakes Recipes

Fruit Cakes Recipes

  1. Apple and Walnut Cake

  2. Banana Ginger Parkin

  3. Banana Peanut Butter Cake

  4. Carrot Cake with Butterscotch Frosting

  5. Dorset Apple Cake

  6. Layered Caramel Banana Cake

  7. Orange and Spice Pumpkin Cake

  8. Pineapple Coconut Cake

  9. Pineapple Pecan Cake

  10. Quick and Easy Carrot Cake

  11. Sour Cream Prune Cake

  12. Zucchini and Apricot Loaf

  13. Zucchini and Raisin Cake

  14. Light Fruit Cake

  15. Rich Fruit Cake

  16. Light Jewelled Fruit Cake

  17. Lemon Coconut Layer Cake

  18. Lemon Yogurt Ring

  19. Carrot Cake with Geranium Cheese

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