Mother's Day Bouquet Recipe

Mother's Day Bouquet Recipe

Ingredients : Makes one 18cm round cake

675 g

2 x 18 cm



No 3


Butter icing

Sponge cakes

Green, blue, yellow and pink food coloring


Writing and petal nozzles

Greaseproof paper piping bags

Serrated scraper

Method :
  • Reserve one-third of the butter icing for decorating.
  • Sandwich together the two sponges with butter icing and place on a serving plate. Cover the top and side with the rest of the butter icing, smoothing the top with a palette knife and serrating the side using a scraper.
  • Divide the remaining butter icing into four bowls. Tint them green, blue, yellow and pink.
  • Decorate the top of the cake first. Use No 3 writing nozzles for the blue and green icing and petal nozzles for the yellow and pink. Pipe on the vase and flowers.
  • For the side decoration, spoon the remaining yellow icing into a fresh piping bag fitted with a No 3 writing nozzle. Pipe the stems, then the flowers and flower centers. Finish by piping green beads at the top and base edges of the cake.

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