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Baking is one of the most satisfying of all the culinary arts. It fills the house with the most wonderful aroma, gives ample reward for minimal effort and always meets with approval, especially from younger members of the family. Bake a batch of brownies, a fresh fruit pie, a crusty loaf of bread or a luxurious gateau, and watch your rating rise!

In fact, novice cooks often make the best bakers, preheating the oven in plenty of time, taking care to measure ingredients accurately and following recipe methods to the letter. All these elements are important in baking, which demands more precision than many other types of cooking. The temperature and the timing are all very important when you are baking a cake or pastry. It is worth reading the chosen recipe carefully before you begin, doing any advance preparation such as browning almonds or softening butter, then setting out the ingredients in the style of the cookbook.

Here, in this site, there's a sweet or savory treat for every moment of the day, from breakfast to a late-night slice of tart, Tempted to embark on an immediate baking journey? Go right ahead. Baking is a wonderfully therapeutic occupation - with sheer indulgence as the reward!

Now you can create better cakes and cookies than ever before. Taste the delights of such teatime treats as butter cakes, easy teacakes, rich fruit cakes and moist vegetable cakes.

Here you will find simple or complicated cake recipes to cater for every occasion, ranging from a simple, everyday treats to impressive celebration cakes for those extra special times.

Recipes for every occasion

It is a well-known fact, appreciated by good cooks and by enthusiastic families, that the look of food has a great bearing on its appeal. Probably in no field of cooking is appearance more important than in the presentation of cakes and cookies.

To ice perfectly takes many months of practice, a great deal of patience and a natural artistic skill, but even beginners can achieve really interesting looking cakes by the more simple methods.



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      Steps to Successful Cakes

  • Read through the recipe beforehand. Assemble all the ingredients and equipment before proceeding.
  • Preheat oven to correct temperature, prepare the baking tins.
  • Don't allow room temperature ingredients such as butter and eggs to get too warm.
  • Measure ingredients accurately and do not judge quantities by eye but use standard metric measuring cups and spoons.
  • Pre-sift dry ingredients.
  • Ensure correct creaming of butter and sugar mixtures. Add eggs or egg yolks gradually.
  • Don't over-beat egg whites.
  • Take care with folding in procedures.
  • Spoon or pour cake mixture into prepared cake tin, spread evenly into corners and smooth surface.
  • Check oven temperature to avoid opening oven door until at least two-thirds of the way through baking.
  • Times given for cakes are approximate and the cooking time can vary according to the accuracy of the oven temperature and where the cake is placed.
  • Stand cake in tin for specified time before turning onto wire rack to cool.

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