Rich Fruit Cake Recipe

Rich Fruit Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Makes 23 x 8cm

140 g

170 g

50 g

55 g

3 tbsp

170 g

200 g

2 size

200 g

10 ml

10 ml

15 ml

15 ml

55 g

115 g


For the decoration:

120 ml




Glace cherries, halved

Sweet sherry


Dark brown sugar

Eggs, at room temperature

Plain flour

Baking powder

Ground ginger, allspice and cinnamon

Golden syrup


Mixed peel

Chopped walnuts



Orange marmalades

Crystallized citrus fruit slices

Glace cherries

Method :
  • A day in advance, combine the dried fruit and cherries in a bowl. Stir in the sherry, cover and soak overnight.
  • Preheat the oven to 150oC/300oF/Gas 2. Line and grease a 23 x 8cm spring form tin with greaseproof paper. Place a tray of hot water on the bottom of the oven.
  • Cream the butter and sugar. Beat in the eggs, 1 at a time. Sift the flour, baking powder and spices together three times. Fold into the butter mixture in three batches. Fold in the syrup, milk, dried fruit and liquid, mixed peel and nuts.
  • Spoon into the tin, spreading out so there is a slight depression in the center. Bake for about 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Cover with foil when the top is golden to prevent over-browning. Cool in the tin on a rack.
  • Melt the marmalade over a low heat, then brush over the top of the cake. Decorate with the crystallized citrus fruit slices and glace cherries.

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