Noel Christmas Cake Recipe

Noel Christmas Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Serves one 20 cm round cake

20 cm

30 ml

750 g

900 g



23 cm






2.5 m

2.5 m

Round rich fruit cake

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Royal icing

Red and green food coloring


Round silver cake board

Greaseproof paper

Piping bags

No 1 writing nozzle bags

2 x No 0 writing nozzles

Large gold dragees

Gold ribbon, 2cm wide

Red ribbon, 5mm wide

Method :
  • Brush the fruit cake with apricot jam, cover with the marzipan and place on the cake board.
  • Flat-ice the top of the cake with two layers of royal icing and leave to dry. Ice the sides of the cake and peak the royal icing, leaving a space around the centre for the ribbon. Leave to dry.
  • Reserve the remaining royal icing.
  • Pipe beads of icing around the top edge of the cake and place a gold dragee on alternate beads. Using a No 1 writing nozzle, write 'NOEL' across the cake and pipe holly leaves, stems and berries around the top.
  • Secure the ribbons around the side of the cake. Tie a red bow and attach to the front of the cake. Use the remaining ribbon for the board. Leave to dry overnight.
  • Tint 30 ml of the royal icing bright green and 15 ml bright red. Using a No ) writing nozzle, overpipe 'NOEL' in red, then the edging beads and berries.
  • Overpipe the holly in green. Leave to dry.

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