Christmas Tree Cake Recipe

Christmas Tree Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Serves one 20cm round cake

45 ml

20 cm

900 g



225 g



25 cm

Apricot jam

Round rich fruit cake


Green, red, yellow and

Purple food coloring

Royal icing

Edible silver balls


Round cake board

Method :
  • Warm, then sieve the apricot jam and brush the cake with it. Color 675 g of the marzipan green. Use to cover the cake. Leave to dry overnight.
  • Secure the cake to the board with royal icing. Spread the icing halfway up the cake side. Press the flat side of a palette knife into the icing, then pull away sharply to form peaks.
  • Make three different size Christmas tree templates. Tint half the remaining marzipan a deeper green than the top. Using the templates, cut out three tree shapes and arrange them on the cake.
  • Divide the remaining marzipan into three and color red, yellow and purple. Use a little of each marzipan to make fir 9cm rolls. Loop them alternately around the top edge of the cake. Make small red balls and press on to the loop ends.
  • Use the remaining marzipan to make the tree decorations. Arrange on the trees, securing with water, if necessary.
  • Finish the cake by adding silver balls to the Christmas trees.

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