Christmas Stocking Cake Recipe

Christmas Stocking Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Makes one 20cm square cake

20 cm

45 ml

900 g

1.2 kg

15 ml



25 cm

1.25 ml

1 ml

Square rich fruit cake

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Sugarpaste icing

Royal icing

Red and green food coloring


Square silver cake board

Red ribbon, 2cm wide

Green ribbon, 2cm wide

Method :
  • Brush the cake with apricot jam and place on the cake board. Cover with marzipan.
  • Set aside 225 g sugarpaste icing. Cover the cake with the rest. Leave to dry. Secure the red ribbon around the board and the green ribbon around the cake with royal icing.
  • Divide the icing in half and roll out one half. Using a template, cut out two sugarpaste stockings, one 5mm larger all round. Put the smaller one on top of the larger one.
  • Divide the other half of the sugarpaste into two and tint one red and the other green. Roll out and cut each color into seven 1cm strips. Alternate the strips on top of the stocking. Roll lightly to fuse and press the edges together. Leave to dry.
  • Shape the remaining white sugarpaste into four parcels. Trim with red and green sugarpaste ribbons. Use the remaining red and green sugarpaste to make thin strips to decorate the cake sides.
  • Secure in place with royal icing. Stick small sugarpaste balls over the joints.
  • Arrange the stocking and parcels on the cake top.

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