Teddy Bear Christening Cake Recipe

Teddy Bear Christening Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Serves one 20 cm square cake

20 cm

45 ml

900 g

800 g


115 g



25 cm


Square light fruit cake

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Sugarpaste icing

Peach, yellow, blue and brown food coloring

Royal icing



Square cake board

Crimping tool

Cornflour, for dipping

Fine paintbrush

Wooden cocktail stick

Peach ribbon

Small blue ribbon bow


Method :
  • Brush the cake with the apricot jam. Roll out the marzipan and use to cover the cake. Leave to dry overnight.
  • Color 500 g of the sugarpaste icing peach, then roll it out. Brush the marzipan with water and cover the cake with the icing. Place the cake on the board. Using a crimping tool dipped in cornflour, crimp the top and base edges of the cake.
  • Divide the remaining sugarpaste into three. Leave one third white and tint one third yellow. Divide the last third in two, tint one half peach and the other blue.
  • Make flowers from the peach and blue sugarpaste. Leave to dry. Reserve the blue trimmings. Make a yellow teddy bear. Paint on its face with brown food coloring. Give it a blue button. Leave to dry. Make a blue blanket. Frill the white edge with a cocktail stick. Secure the frill to the blanket with water.
  • Decorate the cake with the ribbon, place the bear on top under its blanket, securing with royal icing. Secure the flowers and the bear's bow-tie in the same way.

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