Marzipan Bell Cake Recipe

Marzipan Bell Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Makes one 18cm round cake

18 cm

30 ml

900 g



20 cm



1 ml

1 ml

0.25 m

Round rich or light fruit cake

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Green, yellow and red food coloring


Round silver cake board

Crimping tool

Bell and holly leaf cutter

Red ribbon, 2 cm wide

Green ribbon, 5 mm wide

Red ribbon, 5 mm wide

Method :
  • Brush the cake with apricot jam and place on the cake board. Tint two-thirds of the marzipan pale green. Use to cover the cake. Crimp the top edge of the cake to make a scalloped pattern.
  • Tint a small piece of remaining marzipan bright yellow, another bright red and the rest bright green. Make two yellow bells and clappers, 11 green holly leaves (veins marks with the back of a knife), two green bell ropes, 16 red holly berries and two bell-rope ends. Leave to dry.
  • Secure the wide red and fine green ribbons around the side of the cake with a pin. Tie a double bow from red and green fine ribbon and attach to the side with a pin.
  • Arrange the bells, clappers, bell ropes, holly leaves and berries on top of the cake and secure with apricot jam.

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