Christening Sampler Recipe

Christening Sampler Recipe

Ingredients : Serves 30

20 cm

45 ml

450 g

675 g





25 cm


Square rich fruit cake

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Sugarpaste icing

Brown, yellow, orange, purple, cream, blue,

green and pink food coloring



Square cake board

Fine paintbrush

Small heart-shaped

Biscuit cutter

Method :
  • Brush the cake with apricot jam. Roll out the marzipan, cover the cake and leave to dry overnight. Roll out 15g of the sugarpaste icing to fit the cake top. Brush the top with water and cover with the icing.
  • Color 300 g of the icing brown and roll out four pieces to the length and about 1 cm wider than the cake sides. Brush the sides with water and cover with icing, folding over the extra width at the top and cutting the corners at an angle to make the picture frame. Place on a cake board. With a fine paintbrush, paint over the sides with watered-down brown food coloring to represent wood grain.
  • Take the remaining icing and color small amounts yellow, orange, brown, purple and cream and two shades of blue, green and pink. Leave a little white. Use these colors to shape the ducks, teddy bear, bulrushes, water, branch and leaves. Cut out a pink heart and make the baby's initial from white icing.
  • Mix the white and pink icings together for the apple blossom flowers. Make the shapes for the boarder. Attach the decorations to the cake with a little water.
  • Use the leftover colors to make "threads". Arrange in loops around the base of the cake on the board.

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