Porcupine Cake Recipe

Porcupine Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Serves 15-20



500 g



50 g



36 cm

Chocolate sponge cakes, baked in a 1.2 liter

and a 600ml pudding basin

Chocolate-flavor butter icing

Cream, black, green, brown and red food coloring

Chocolate flakes

White marzipan



Long rectangular cake board

Wooden cocktail stick

Fine paintbrush

Method :
  • Use the smaller cake for the head and shape a pointed nose at one end. Reserve the trimmed wedges.
  • Place the cakes side by side on the board, inverted, and use the trimmings to fill in the sides and top where they meet. Secure with butter icing.
  • Cover the cake with the remaining butter icing and mark the nose with a cocktail stick.
  • Make the spikes by breaking the chocolate flakes into thin strips and sticking them into the butter icing all over the body part of the porcupine.
  • Reserve a small portion of marzipan. Divide the remainder into three and tint cream, black and green. Tint a tiny portion of the reserved marzipan brown. Shape cream ears and feet, black and white eyes, and black claws and nose.
  • Arrange all the features on the cake. Make green apples and highlight in red with a fine paintbrush. Make the stalks from the brown marzipan and push them in to the apples.

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