Mouse in Bed Recipe

Mouse in Bed Cake Recipe

This cake is suitable for almost any age. Make the mouse well in advance to give it time to dry.

Ingredients : Makes one 20 x 15cm cake

20 cm

115 g

45 ml

450 g

675 g



25 cm

Square sponge cake

Butter icing

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Sugar paste icing

Blue and red food coloring


Square cake board

Flower cutter

Blue and red food coloring pens

Method :
  • Cut 5cm off one side of the cake. Split and fill the main cake with butter icing.
  • Place on the cake board, brush with apricot jam and cover with a layer of marzipan. With the cake off cut, shape a hollowed pillow, the torso and the legs of the mouse. Cover with marzipan and leave to dry overnight.
  • Cover the cake and pillow with white sugar paste icing. Lightly frill the edge of the pillow with a fork. To make the valance, roll out 350g of the sugar paste icing and cut into 7.5cm wide strips.
  • Attach to the bed with water. Arrange the pillow and mouse body on the cake.
  • For the quilt, tint 75g of sugar paste icing blue and roll out to an 18cm square.
  • Mark with a diamond pattern and the flower cutter. Cover the mouse with the quilt.
  • Cut a 2.5 x 19cm white sugar paste icing strip for the sheet, mark the edge and place over the quilt, tucking it under the top edge.
  • Tint 25g of marzipan pink and make the head and paws of the mouse. Put the head on the pillow, tucked under the sheet, and the paws over the edge of the sheet. Use food coloring pens to draw on the face of the mouse.

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