Ghost Cake Recipe

Ghost Cake Recipe

This children's cake is really simple to make yet very effective. It is ideal for a Halloween party.

Ingredients : Serves 15-20

900 g



350 g



23 cm

Sugar paste icing black food coloring

Madeira cakes, baked in 18cm square cake tin

and a 300ml pudding basin

Butter icing



Round cake board fine paintbrush

Method :
  • Tint 115g cup of the sugarpaste icing dark grey and use to cover the cake board.
  • Cut two small corners off the large cake.
  • Cut two larger wedges off the other two corners, then stand the cake on the board.
    Divide the larger trimmings in half and wedge around the base of the cake.
  • Secure the small cake to the top of the larger cake with butter icing.
  • Completely cover both of the cakes with the remaining butter icing.
  • Roll out the remaining sugarpaste icing to an oval shape 50 x 30cm / 20 x 12in.
  • Lay if over the cake, letting the icing fall into folds around the sides. Gently smooth the icing over the top half of the cake and trim off any excess.
  • Using black food coloring and a fine paintbrush, paint two oval eyes on to the head.

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