Fish Shaped Cake Recipe

Fish Shaped Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Makes one fish shaped cake

450 g




350 g





2.5 cm

Sugar paste icing

blue, orange, red, mauve and green food coloring

Sponge cake, baked in a 3.5 liter ovenproof

mixing bowl

Butter icing

Blue Smartie



Large oval cake board

Plain biscuit cutter

Greaseproof paper piping bag

Method :
  • Tint two thirds of the sugar paste icing blue, roll out very thinly and use to cover the dampened cake board.
  • Invert the cake and trim into the fish shape. Slope the sides. Place on the cake board.
  • Tint all but 15ml of the butter icing orange. Use to cover the cake, smoothing with a palette knife. Score curved lines for scales, starting from the tail end.
  • Tint half the remaining sugar paste icing red. Shape and position two lips. Cut out the tail and fins. Mark with lines using a knife and position on the fish. Make the eye from white sugar paste and the blue Smartie.
  • Tint a little sugar paste mauve, cut out crescent shaped scales using a biscuit cutter and place on the fish. Tint the remaining sugar paste green and cut into long thin strips. Twist each strip and arrange around the board.
  • To make the bubbles around the fish, place the reserved butter icing in a piping bag, snip off the end and pipe small circles on to the board.

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