Chelsea Buns Recipe

Chelsea Buns Recipe

Ingredients : Makes 12

225 g

2.5 ml

40 g

7.5 ml

120 ml


75 g

25 g

50 g

White flour


Unsalted butter

Easy blend dried yeast


Egg, beaten

Mixed dried fruit

Chopped mixed peel

Soft light brown sugar

Clear honey, to glaze

Method :
  • Preheat the oven to 190oC/375oF/Gas 5. Grease a 18cm/7in square tin.
  • Sift together the flour and salt, rub in 25g of the butter.
  • Stir in the yeast and make central well. Slowly add the milk and egg, stirring, then beat until the dough leave the sides of the bowl clean,
  • Knead the dough until smooth. Place in an oiled bowl, cover and set aside until doubled in size.
  • Transfer to a floured surface and roll it out to a rectangle 30 x 23 cm.
  • Mix the dried fruits, peel and sugar. Melt the remaining butter and brush over the dough.
  • Scatter over the fruit mixture, leave a 2.5cm border. Roll up the dough from a long side.
  • Seal the edges, then cut into 12 slices.
  • Place the slices, cut sides up, in the greased tin. Cover and set aside until doubled in size.
  • Bake for 30 minutes, until a rich golden brown. Brush with honey and leave to cool slightly in the tin before turning out.

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