Teddy Bear Birthday Recipe

Teddy Bear Birthday Recipe

Ingredients : Serves one 20cm round cake

20 cm

115 g

45 ml

350 g

450 g


115 g



25 cm




1.5 ml


Round cake

Butter icing

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Sugarpaste icing brown, red, blue and black

food coloring

Royal icing

Edible silver balls


Round cake board

Small greaseproof paper

Piping bags

No 7 shell and No 7 star nozzle

Red ribbon

Candles and holders

Method :
  • Split and fill the cake with butter icing. Place on the cake board and brush with apricot jam.
  • Cover with a layer of marzipan then a layer of sugarpaste icing.
  • Using a template, mark the design on top of the cake.
  • Colour one-third of the remaining sugarpaste icing pale brown. Colour a piece pint, a piece red, some blue and a tiny piece black. Using the template, cut out the pieces and place in position on the cake. Stick down by lifting the edges carefully and brushing the undersides with a little water.
  • Roll small ovals for the eyes and stick in place with the nose and eyebrows. Cut out a mouth and press flat.
  • Tie the ribbon around the cake. Colour the royal icing blue and pipe the boarder around the base of the cake with shell nozzle and tiny stars around the small cake with the star nozzle, inserting silver balls. Put the candles on the cake.

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