Flower Birthday Cake Recipe

Flower Birthday Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Makes one 18cm round cake

18 cm

30 ml

675 g

1.2 kg





1 ml

2 m

25 cm



23 cm

Round light fruit cake

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Royal icing

Yellow and orange food coloring

Petal nozzle

No 1 and 2 writing nozzles, and medium star nozzle

Greaseproof paper piping bags

White ribbon, 2cm wide

Coral ribbon, 1 cm wide

Coral ribbon, 5mm wide



Round silver cake board

Method :
  • Brush the cake with apricot jam and cover with marzipan. Place on the board.
  • Flat-ice the top and side of the cake with three layers of royal icing. Leave to dry, then ice the board. Reserve the remaining royal icing.
  • Tint one-third of the reserved royal icing yellow and 15ml of it orange.
  • Using the petal nozzle for the petals and No 1 writing nozzle for the centre, make four white narcissi with yellow centre and nine yellow narcissi with orange centre.
  • Make nine plain white flowers with a snipped piping bag with yellow centre. When dry, secure to the top.
  • Use the star nozzle to pipe shell edgings to the cake top and base. Pipe "Happy Birthday" using the No 2 writing nozzle.
  • Overlay in orange using the No 1 writing nozzle.
  • Secure the ribbons around the board and cake side.
  • Finish with a coral bow.

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