Eighteen Birthday Cake Recipe

Eighteen Birthday Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Serves 80

33.5 x 20 cm

45 ml

1.1 kg

1.6 kg


30 ml



38 x 23 cm



No 1

2 m

2 m

Diamond-shaped deep rich or light fruit cake

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved



Black food coloring

Royal icing



Diamond-shaped cake board

Template small greaseproof paper

Piping bag

Writing nozzle

White ribbon, 2.4cm wide

Black ribbon, 3mm wide

Method :
  • Make the cake using quantities for a 23cm round cake.
  • Brush with apricot jam. Cover in marzipan.
  • Place the cake board. Cover the cake using 1.2kg sugarpaste icing.
  • Knead the trimmings into the remaining sugarpaste and tint black.
  • Use two-thirds of the black sugarpaste to cover the board.
  • Use a quarter of the remaining sugarpaste to cut a number "18" using a template. Use the rest to cut out a variety of bow ties, wine glasses and music notes. Leave to dry on greaseproof paper.
  • Tint the royal icing black. Using a No 1 writing nozzle, attach the cut-outs to the cake top and sides.
  • Tie four small bows with the black ribbon.
  • Secure with icing to the top corners.
  • Position and secure black ribbon around the cake base and white ribbon around the board.

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