Chocolate Fruit Birthday Cake Recipe

Chocolate Fruit Birthday Cake Recipe

Ingredients : Makes one 18cm square cake

18 cm

45 ml

450 g

450 g





20 cm


0.75 ml

Chocolate Madeira cake

Apricot jam, warmed and sieved


Chocolate fudge icing

Red, yellow, orange, green and purple food coloring

Whole cloves

Angelica stips


Silver cake board

Medium gateau nozzle nylon piping bag

Yellow ribbon, 1cm wide

Method :
  • Level the cake top and invert. Brush with apricot jam
  • Use two-thirds of the marzipan to cover the cake. Reserve the trimmings.
  • Place the cake on a wire rack over a tray and pour three quarters of the chocolate fudge icing over, spreading with a palette knife. Leave for 10 minutes, then place on the board.
  • Using the reserved icing and a medium-size gateau nozzle, pipe stars around the top edge and base of the cake. Leave to set.
  • Using the reserved marzipan, food coloring, cloves and angelica strips, model a selection of fruits.
  • Secure the ribbon around the sides of the cake. Decorate the top with the marzipan fruits.

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